Dining Rooms

A visit to the dining-rooms gives us an idea of the level attained by "La Criolla" restaurant.

Each dining-room reflects the particular philosophy of each Valladolid citizen, showing aspects related with the life and doings of each personality to which it is dedicated, both in the decoration and atmosphere.

There are six dining-rooms dedicated to illustrious people from Valladolid: Marienma, Roberto Domínguez, Joaquín Díaz, Lola Herrera, Rosa Chacel, and Miguel Delibes. Therefore,"La Criolla" has found an excellent way to vindicate its city and offers us an incomparable setting for business meals, special celebrations or just to share a pleasant evening around a well-prepared table.

Criolla Dining rooms
Dining Room
Rosa Chacel
Lola Herrera
Miguel Delibes
Joaquín Díaz
Roberto Domínguez
The wine cellar
Summer terrace